Punascha (পুনশ্চ)

Punascha is a US non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting Bengali and Indian culture among the residents of Greater St. Louis area

We strive to foster the indomitable Bengali cultural spirit, its deep rooted performing arts and literary heritage by involving our young ones in all events with us since they are toddlers, so the tradition continues.

We organize events regularly throughout the year to maintain the continuity of “Baaro Mashe Taro Parbon” theme that we grew up with. We also produce performing events with artists from USA as well as India.

Please generously donate to Punascha by clicking here so we can continue our community service.


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Upcoming Events

Saraswati Pujo 2021

Punascha Virtual Sarawati Pujo 2021 Date and Time of Event: Date: February 20th (Saturday) Time: 10:30 AM Anjali: 11:15 AM Donate here    

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Durga Puja Murti 2014

Durga Pujo 2020

Virtual Durga Pujo 2020.

Punascha Presents Virtual Pujor Jalsha – A event in partnership with Kolkata and ST Louis artists.

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Amphan Relief Fund

Amphan Relief Fund – Punascha

Donate now, to help the millions of people struck by the super cylcone Amphan.

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